Surfaces is always searching for quality retailers to promote and carry our products in their stores. If interested, please follow these two easy steps to become an official authorized Surfaces retailer:

1) Download, fill out and return the new customer form; and
2) Download, fill out and return the marketing tool form.

To become an official authorized Surfaces retailer your company will need to buy at least one type of display vehicle so that we can ensure that our products are appropriately displayed in your store(s).

Displays will be sold at cost and are available for as little as $55.00 and you will have maximum flexibility to choose the best display vehicle for your store(s). This is the only investment you need to make to become an official authorized Surfaces retailer.

Upon becoming an official authorized Surfaces retailer, the location of your store(s) will be entered into our customer database so that when consumers search our website for their nearest retailer by zip code, they can quickly be directed to the nearest official authorized Surfaces retailer.

Credit restrictions apply and we have a limited number of retail partners in each area of the country. If you have any question please contact us by phone or email.

A simple way to sell
You do not need to maintain any inventory or even place an initial order other than for the display vehicles that you choose for your store(s). All of our products can be shipped to you or directly to your customers, saving you and your staff time and money.

Surfaces will provide you with the most innovative products, all with delivered prices to your doorstep. Becoming an Surfaces retailer is an easy way to improve your business and a smart option to increase the product offerings in your store. Generating more sales and more profits to your business has never been so easy.

We will provide you with:

  • Innovative products.
  • Marketing support.
  • A nationwide brand.
  • Logistics support.
  • Excellent profit margins.
  • One of the largest in stock mosaic inventories in the country.
  • New lines are been developed all the time.
  • Unique products differentiating you from your competitors.
  • Driving consumers to your store through advertising via television and the internet.
  • A Successful Business Model

Take a minute and fill out both forms mentioned above today. Do it now and become an official authorized Surfaces retailer. Increase your retail business today! Return the form by email to or by fax: (305) 372-9683, any questions call (305) 372-9787 or email

We look forward in welcoming you to the Surfaces Team.

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