Let your imagination wander beyond any creative threshold; let it be our guide in making your cutting-edge designs morph into total tile reality.
Special Projects
Do you need something customized? Perhaps a very specific, “different” color? A very special blend? An absolutely new material?
In unison with our manufacturing partners around the world, Surfaces’ tile artisans are primed to embrace your ideas and subsequently create the most contemporary, retro or traditional designs based solely upon your creative input. Challenge us! Whatever your imagination construes using hard surface tile materials, we will quickly and cost-efficiently come up with the ultimate solution for your project!
LEED Certificated Projects
Utilizing recycled materials and conserving on energy output are not only are growing concerns of the world’s tile community; they are an integral component of Surfaces’ vision and concern for everyone’s future well-being. Because of this, after an intense R&D program, we have developed a full line of glass mosaics from 100% recycled, post-consumer glass. If you need other LEED certified products, please contact us. We will offer the most comprehensive assistance in sourcing the exact product for you.
Exclusive Collections
If you’re planning on developing a one-of-a-kind product line to take to a very specific marketplace, consider partnering with Surfaces. We grew our company with a staunch commitment of bringing “firsts” to market. Nothing is “cookie-cutter.” So whether it’s a unique tile product for a very esoteric application… or, a state-of-the-art design to be mass-produced, contact Surfaces, Inc. We know the difference between “being different” and being “totally inimitable.”

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