Due to varying conditions in storage and installation locations as well as extreme temperature changes during transportation, grout bags can lose humidity sometimes making the grout harder to squeeze and to apply. The premix grout in perfect humidity conditions has the consistency of thick toothpaste. If your grout bag feels too thick, please take the following procedures.

Cut a corner of the grout bag in a 45-degree angle.

Add 10 ml (0.33 FL OZ) of water into the bag.

Fold the corner of the bag to close it and hold that corner closed.

Grab the bag with your other hand and squeeze the grout bag in all directions to mix the water with the grout until the grout bag feels softer or mixed.

Let the bag sit for 10 minutes to finish absorbing the water.

Drain any excess water from the bag… and begin grouting.

As an alternative, you may take the above steps using a bucket if working in the bag is difficult for you.

For replacement or to request additional grout bags, please, contact us by email store@surfaces.net or by phone (305) 372 9787 Mon. to Fri. 9AM to 5PM (EST).

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