We are Sustainable

100% Recycled Glass

Surfaces views the environment and sustainability of the environment as extremely important, for today and for tomorrow. We look to incorporate as many "green" materials as we can into our product suite. The 100% Recycled Glass Tile collection is the premier example of our efforts.

The collection has over 100 different color and finish combinations and is just as beautiful as any of our collections. In fact, it's difficult to imagine that it's made from 100% post-consumer automobile windshields. Creating something from such a random input as old car windshields is a feat in and of itself. Creating a collection as varied and beautiful as this collection was a monumental achievement. We are proud to be able to offer such a wonderful collection and contribute in the best way we know how to pursue sustainability.



Masters of Distribution

Surfaces prides itself on being a logistical machine. It is a huge core competency of ours and a leverage factor that we would be willing to offer to others in our industry who sell mosaic and/or specialty wall tiles. Our distribution capabilities cover the full spectrum from the one-off buyer all the way to the big box seller. Given our logistics process, we naturally have economies of scale that just cannot be beat. These economies translate into lower shipping costs and lower purchasing costs. These are two cost-savings that we would like to pass on to others in the industry.

Have you ever filled a container with products you knew you couldn't sell in order to get some products that you could sell? What about getting a container full of product when you honestly needed only a few pallets of product? Worse yet, what if it that product took over a month to arrive because you could only get it from China or Spain? Surfaces’ can solve these problems for you. Whether you are an Architect, Designer, Distributor, or Retailer of mosaic tiles or specialty wall tiles, you can benefit from this program.


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Continuously providing high quality products, innovative concepts, and outstanding support to clients and partners while ensuring total consumer satisfaction.


Surfaces has always been on the cutting edge of the coverings industry.

We pride ourselves in coming up with not only the new ideas and trends, but also the best ones. Over the years, Surfaces has developed hundreds of innovations to make the lives of our customers better. Some of these innovations are illustrated below.

In addition to the traditional methods of Partnering that we've focused on, Surfaces is always evaluating opportunities to acquire or enter into joint ventures with companies related to our sector. We look to do this in instances where the end result will translate into growth in one of three areas, Geographic Focus, Customer Base, or Product Selection. Of course, we focus on the bottom line results as well.

If you have built a strong business and are looking for an exit or other type of opportunity with a strong company like Surfaces, please reach out to us when you're ready.

Routinely shipping hundreds of containers of mosaics and specialty wall tiles per year. Production and distribution capabilities support a spectrum of customers and our economies of scale just cannot be beat.

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Elida Claramonte

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Surfaces Southeast, LLC
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Unlike most companies in the surfaces industry with a 25-year track record of success, Surfaces Southeast, LLC. does not focus solely on selling amazing collections. First and foremost, Surfaces was founded to honor its branded namesake, Elida Claramonte. She led her life with a tireless work ethic and an entrepreneurial spirit, which set an example for Surfaces’ founder, Albert Claramonte. Secondly, the intention was to emulate the level of customer service and creativity that Elida provided her customers back in 1970 from her very first store in Miami, and transfer it to as many people as possible. Having those two non-traditional reasons for creating our company has helped lay the proper foundation for the most successful glass mosaic company in North America.

A company is only as good as the employees that help make it grow. Surfaces has been fortunate enough to attract and retain great people who bring integrity, work ethic, and determination to work with them each day.

While Surfaces is headquartered in Miami, Florida, we have offices around the U.S. in places like North Carolina and California, and manufacturing facilities can be found across the globe. As an international company, we understand that we are at our best when we "work" from our client’s projects. That's where the products that we design and sell, shine and tell. They shine by being made of the most fabulous materials and colors. They tell by showing the world that the customer has a very discerning eye, and they have chosen a remarkable product for their hotel, restaurant, stadium, office or home.

Our History

Surfaces has been at the forefront of the surfaces industry for the last 26 years. Founded in 1990, our company has been a steady player in what is typically a very fragmented and inconsistent sector. Surfaces is considered by many to be the founder of the glass tile revolution movement inside U.S. retail stores. By working with small, medium, and large retail customers through the distributors that supply them, Surfaces has helped set the trend in the category for decades and will continue to do so in the future.


In the same way that sustainability is important to our business and glass collections, philanthropy is something that everyone at Surfaces looks to incorporate into their daily lives. Our employees look to utilize their 3 Ts - time, talents, and treasures, in their communities on a consistent basis. Giving back is typically a personal decision, but Surfaces views it as a corporate necessity. Whether through support to our troops, donations to organizations like the Wounded Warrior Program, or by providing a "facelift" to the walkway of a local school, Surfaces and our employees try to make a difference where we can.

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